Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Gloriuos Thought

This past Sunday Doris and I attended worship at East Fairview Church of the Brethren because our son, Nathan, was preaching. It was his last sermon there, and he did a great job. He has resigned his position as Director of Youth so that he can return to seminary on a more full-time basis, and be more of a stay home dad while Nicole finishes her residency.

We attended the 8:30 service and God did an amazing thing in my heart. It was not in response to our son's sermon (sorry Nate), but rather during a song that preceded the sermon. Just prior to the sermon we sang the song "In Christ Alone" accompanied by a video. I know this song, and have sung it often (we use it in worship during second service), but this day it really spoke to me. As you know, my prayer has been that I again feel God's hand upon my heart, and it happened while I sang this song on Sunday. God stroked my heart with his love and I cried. It was a glorious moment. (I entitled this post "A Glorious Thought" because it is the corollary to an earlier post entitled "A Not-So-Glorious Thought").

Here is the song and the actual video version of it that they used on Sunday.

Why now, during this song, at this location. Not sure, maybe just a combination of my knowing that I needed forgiveness (see my previous post), and my having unwound enough during these first few weeks of sabbatical that I could simply allow God's love to flow through me, and my study these days around the work of the Holy Spirit and my prayers and desires that I again feel the presence of God in my life (as Misty Edwards sings in "Awaken Me"). I don't know, and don't need to.

Anyway, I was overwhelmed by the gracious love of God and his particular love for me, and with what Jesus has done for me in his life, death and resurrection.

God is so good.